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Resolving Issues with Slow Network

The Challenge

The client, a manufacturing company, had recently upgraded their server and workstations, but were experiencing frequent issues with network shares disconnecting and users complaining that their computers were slow and that they have been losing work. 

Not knowing if the issue was with faulty hardware or mis-configuration, the client wanted the issues investigated and a solution provided.

What We Found

We attended site to investigate the issues the users were experiencing.  Whilst talking and going through the issues with the end users, we discovered that applications were often becoming unresponsive and closing, resulting in unsaved work being lost.  In addition to this, users were experiencing extremely slow network and internet speeds, despite being directly connected to a Gigabit network, provided with a 100Mb Internet Connection.

Further investigation into the configuration of the servers and workstations confirmed that there were no issues with the hardware, and that there were a number of configuration issues that were causing the issues experienced by the users.

Working with the client, we identified over 10 issues with Active Directory, Anti-Virus, DNS & Time across the network, which we worked through and resolved.  Once the issues were identified and resolved, the users experienced a significant increase in speed and reliability with the network. 

The Result

Reviewing the network and computer performance with the client following the changes being made, they confirmed that the issues they were experiencing were no longer present, and users were much more confident with the system in place.  Continuing to work with the client, we now provide Proactive IT Support services to the user base, managing the network infrastructure, and helped the management team put together a Disaster Recovery Plan for the business. 

If you are experiencing slowness with your network, or would like more information on our services, contact us today.